We are leaving Christianity behind.  What started us out on the process of de-conversion?

Both of us grew up in evangelical Christian homes, both of us pursued Christian education, both of us dedicated our lives to the pastorate and lead our families in traditional Christian values; but no longer. Both of us genuinely believed in Christ and lived our lives for him. Why did we abandon everything upon which we had built our lives and by which we had defined ourselves?

This will be a first in a series of posts where we explain the specific reasons for our de-conversions. In some of these posts we will simply be sharing our encounter with evidence that discredits Christianity from our experience. Some of these topics could become dedicated series of their own. 

In no particular order, the following issues are what lead us away from Christianity. 

  1. The historical validity of the resurrection claims.
  2. The historical reliability of the gospels' narrative about Jesus.
  3. The historical validity of OT narratives.
  4. The bankruptcy of the NT claims concerning the Christian life.
  5. The contradictory theology and morality of the Bible.
  6. The scientific evidence for evolution. 
  7. The logic of vicarious atonement theory.

This list is not a comprehensive list of all the issues we have with Christianity, but focuses on the main reasons we are no longer Christians. One issue that underlies these seven issues is that of the trustworthiness of the Bible. We once believed that the Bible was true, but when that belief fell away for us, so did our Christian faith. This series will explain more clearly how that happened and give some of the specific reasons we no longer find the Bible to be true. 

D & J